Student shapes up for new season


Walter Zawaki, left, competes last season.

Briana Queen, Writer

Walter Zawaki is a sophomore starting his second year of wrestling on the school team. Along with wrestling at school, Walter also does tournaments on the weekend to “get better, no days off”. He is striving to make varsity this year and is also hoping to go undefeated in his weight class of 152. Along with all the running the team does at practices, Walter also runs 4 miles a day on his own.

Walter had two reasons to join the team.  He wanted “to get stronger and to get in shape; one of my friends wanted me to join as well.” Although he’s played other sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, and football, Walter thinks that “wrestling is the best sport ever” and plans to never stop practicing and improving. In fact, he stated, “I plan on starting MMA after the season” in order to stay in shape all year long and to learn new skills. Despite the tough practices, Walter stated “Coach Smalley is a wicked good coach and made wrestling more fun”. Walter says he works hard to keep his love for wrestling and his busy schedule from getting in the way of his grades. His other hobbies include skim boarding, going to the beach, playing Halo, listening to reggae music, rock climbing, and hanging out with his friends. Walter often helps out at Cabby Bills, which his family owns, when he isn’t at school. He also enjoys traveling to his property in North Carolina with his family. All in all, Walter Zawaki plans on being successful in education, wrestling, and his future.