College football upsetting fans


Mr. Pile is a Florida fan.

Ryan Lueck, Sports Writer

   College football has started and it’s been a tough beginning for a few teams that have been good for the past years. For example, Kevin Lester was angry  about the fact that the Gators lost. “I think the Gators QB Philippe Franks is a bust and is one of the worst recruits Florida has had in the past five years.” 

    Jacob Scull, 10th grade stated, “I feel like they deserve to win; it’s been 36 years since they beat us last.” Gator fans are mad about the devastating loss they took against Kentucky. Some of the Gator fans look at it as an achievement for Kentucky to finally beat them.

    In another match-up, Syracuse beat Florida State by a whopping 30-7 blowout. Florida State has been struggling this year and they need to step up their game in order to gain back their respect. One freshman stated, “I think I could be a better head coach.” Willie Taggart is the head coach right now, and his team is struggling offensively. This season has been a rough road for Florida teams.