Students kick off tryouts


Andre Santos, Guest Writer

The other kids on the team might be slightly bigger than me, but that doesn’t stop me from playing the best I can and hardest I can. If I don’t make it in, I’ll try again next year and the year after that as well.”

The bright lights of the field, the smell of the freshly cut grass, and the screams of the crowd as the team scores a point. The second half of this school year, of course, comes with fresh and experienced players alike. Sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, and lacrosse are continuing this year. Tryouts of each sport are going on now. Diego , 9th grade, said, “I might try out soccer, but I am not sure. I do play soccer outside of school. I do know that I want to try out for at least one sport though and I have been playing soccer for a while now, so I was thinking about switching teams and trying out”. Diego also said that soccer is just one of those sports that “I always love to play, but I want a team that can catch up with me and play well and is great with teamwork. I am hopeful that the Osceola’s team is as good as they seem”. Other sports like lacrosse, tennis and baseball are sports that have just started to take in fresh players. Diego said, “I have no idea if I want to try out for another sport yet – maybe basketball – but I am certain I won’t make it on the team. Right now I only have my sights on soccer.” He also said, “I was never interested in lacrosse, baseball, nor tennis I never really thought about those sports but I’m willing to try them out”. Diego does have tough competition, but that does not stop him from playing his best. Some sports are for Diego others are not, “football is one of the sports I know I will never tryout for even if it was for a bit, I do like watching it though. I think that it is an incredibly fun sport to watch but not a fun sport to play”. But the question is why, why do you like to play soccer? “I don’t know soccer was always just a fun sport. It just runs in my blood. I love watching it and I love playing it. My favorite player by far is Cristiano Ronaldo. I love watching him play, he is one of the main reasons why I play the sport besides my friends and family.”