School plays return to the spotlight


The Drama Club is meeting regularly in the auditorium.

Victoria Garvey, Staff Writer/Web Editor

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As school begins, so do clubs, and realistically that’s what students most look forward to. One of the clubs beginning at Osceola is the drama club. Drama club is a way for students to come together and out of their comfort zones while having fun. Mr. Pace is the teacher in charge of drama club and is looking forward to meeting his new team of potential future Hollywood stars. Mr. Pace describes drama club as a “fun gathering twice a month for games and activities”. Before the pandemic, Mr. Pace used to have 100-150 students sign up for drama club, so he’s hoping for the same turnout. Drama club’s first meeting is on August 27th from 2:30-3:30pm on the stage in the auditorium. Mr. Pace said that he “has a season planned and will be announcing this year’s play at the meeting on Friday”! Mr. Pace says there’s no sign up. “You just show up, and students involved can eventually join the Thespian Honor Society”. The Thespian Honor Society brings students with different theatrical talents together. You must apply for it like any other honor society, and you’ll get to compete in competitions. Even if dancing and acting on stage isn’t your thing, you can help in other ways such as lighting and costume design. Mr. Pace is holding a large group musical event for this year’s District Thespian Festival and sign ups for it are outside the auditorium down the band hall. There’s a QR code that you can scan to sign up. The drama department couldn’t do as much as usual last year because of the pandemic, but in the past, they have put on plays like “The Yellow Boat” and “I Never Saw Another Butterfly”. The drama department has a website called OFHS Theater where you can find loads of information on past years and this year’s upcoming events.