Students get creative for Art Club


Drew Jackson

Anthony Hunsinger draws a pumpkin at art club.

There is a time set aside after school for students who want to get creative. It’s the art club. The club has open studio time that students can use to finish projects for school or their own art work. Everyone is welcome to join art club. You can join art club for work or for fun to finish work that you didn’t get to do during the school day.

Art club student Natalie Lloyd, 10th, grade, said, “I plan on making a career out of art through photography.” She also said, “I joined art club because of my passion for art. Art club is a place where I can relax and hang out with friends. I enjoy art club because it a place where I can have fun.”

The art club is a place where Warriors can work on paintings, sculptures or just whatever students have not completed in class. You can also just work on a personal project or a project that you don’t have time to do later or at home. Students do not need to be in an art class to join art club; you can just be a student who is passionate about art. Osceola’s art club is held after school every Tuesday until 3:00 in room 151 by Mr. Locascio.

The art club advisor Mr. Locasio is there to help students when needed.