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  • May 217th period exam and early release on June 9th
  • May 215th and 6th period exams on June 8th
  • May 213rd and 4th period exams on June 7th
  • May 211st and 2nd period exams on June 4th


The Warrior Record Online is a media outlet produced by OFHS Journalism students. All staff members contribute daily toward the goal of informing the student body, faculty, and staff about school and community news and concerns. All articles, photos, and information on the news site are generated by students on staff.

In order to produce a print version of The Warrior Record, staff members need to raise quite a bit of money. Every issue costs approximately $1,000. Local businesses can sponsor an issue or purchase an ad to be printed in an issue. Staff members are committed to printing five papers every school year.

To place an ad, sponsor an issue, or just contact the staff, please send us an email at:  [email protected]

In April 2021, The Warrior Record Online received the Site Excellence badge.

Thank you to all of our advertisers and to the PTSA for your support!



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