Dance Team gets ready

With the season now over, the Dance Team is slowing down and training for next year’s round of performances.   In preparation for next season, Mrs. Powers’ Dance Team is conducting conditioning through the end of the school year, and will have tryouts in the summer just after school lets out.

The Dance Team performs at every varsity football and basketball home game. Their usual routine, according to the OHS website, includes “jazz kicks, turns, and leaps including front and side leaps, chaînés (sha-na) and double turns, fan- and side-kicks.” Mrs. Powers said the hardest part about leading the Dance Team is that she can’t do the same moves. “My background is in Tap- not jazz or hip hop,” she said. What she loves about Dance Team, however, is viewing the results. “I am constantly impressed on how the girls on the team can move their bodies. They all look so beautiful and graceful. I am just a tad jealous that I can’t keep up with them.”