Warriors speak out about online school

Focus is one of the sites used by students for online school.

Kylie Kagan, Staff writer

April 24, 2020

High school can be a challenge as it is, but due to the global pandemic of the Coronavirus, things are changing. With school no longer being at school, and students having to do all of their work from home, this has posed as an issue. Not everyone has the same learning environment at home, so this can...

5 things to do at home… and 40 more!

This is a screenshot of the video with 40 more ideas.

Katie Gonzales, Staff writer

April 16, 2020

While stuck at home due to the precautions taken because of the Coronavirus, many have become bored and anxious waiting to get out of their house and for things to start getting back to normal. However, there are things some can do in order to get rid of the boredom. Make a journal. Watch a mov...

Draw this bunny with Cassie!

Cassie shows you how to draw this adorable bunny in time for Easter.

Cassie Sandberg

April 10, 2020

Looking for a new hobby or maybe just a springtime activity?  Cassie shows you how to draw a bunny.(Click on the words "bunny video" below.) Just click the words Bunny video Post your version of this drawing in "comments" and we'll put it on the site!...

Home Life: Five things you HAVEN’T done yet

Riley Jamo, Staff Writer/Web Editor

April 9, 2020

Make your own board game and play it with your family Start your own Youtube channel Write a letter to your future self Listen to a Podcast Cook a new recipe ...

Spring into break with this sweet treat

Spring into break with this sweet treat

Kelli Slater and Riley Jamo

March 13, 2020

Here’s a sweet treat to surprise your friends with over spring break. This makes about 4 dirt cups but just double it as you need. Ingredients: Chocolate Pudding cups Oreos Gummy worms Pastel Sprinkles   Instructions: Start by putting about 10 Oreos in a bag and crushing them to your liking. ...

Ten years in trends at Osceola

The Warrior Record 2010 April edition and the 2020 February edition have some similarities.

Alyssa Owens and Katie Gonzales

March 12, 2020

As time flies by, new styles come out and trends are made, as readers of The Warrior Record can see. Here's a look at fashion, books, and television trends.... then and now. -Fashion Then: Fedoras vs. Now: Bandannas Then: Leather jackets vs. Now: Hoodies Then: Lacy shirts vs. Now: Crop tops Then: Yo...

Warriors share what they want in vending machines

Students share what they want to see in the vending machines around the schools.

Payton Pope and Courtney Sipos

March 11, 2020

There are many different snacks and drinks that the vending machines have to offer. The machines sell Gatorade, Kickstarts, Propel, and water. As for snacks they offer a wide range of chips and other yummy snacks. The snack/food options in the vending machines cost $1.25, and the all drinks cost $1.50....

Warriors lost on the way to lost and found

Head over to the lost and found and make sure you haven't left anything behind.

Tristan Fondren and Andrew Terry

March 4, 2020

The lost and found bin is the home to all lost items. You can find said bin in student services. Mrs. Nolan said, “We see at least 70 people daily. Some of the weird things we have seen are bras, four retainers, multiple pairs of air pods, a golf club, a flip phone, a purse, a calculator, the key to...

Planters reveals shocking new peanut commercial

Planters peanut reveals new baby peanut commercial.

Andrew Terry, Staff Writer

February 28, 2020

Super Bowl commercials are costly but can pay off if viewers enjoy them. Some ads have become so infamous that some people watch the Super Bowl just for them. This year brought the untimely demise and resurrection of the legendary mascot Mr. Peanut. The commercial took place in a graveyard where various...

Students speak out about Spring Break

Courtney Sipos and Payton Pope

February 25, 2020

        With February ending, and March right around the corner, less than three weeks remain until spring break. Spring break starts on Saturday, March 14th and comes to a close on Tuesday, March 24th. While students are bearing down and trying to maintain good grades to finish out ...

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