Don’t freak, it’s just a peep

This Halloween will mark the fourth year of the peeps made by Osceola art students. Peeps are clay dolls made each year. Displays are made with a Halloween theme and shown in the library.

Inspiration for the peeps came when Ms. Porter, a former Osceola teacher, saw a similar figurine in a magazine. Ms. Porter showed Ms. Wallen the designs and they teamed up to make these creations come to life. “The dolls are made out of clay and students embellish them with construction paper jewels, and feathers” said Ms. Wallen. “When we first started making the peeps, we made them out of candy and later decided to use ceramic.” Peeps only come around once a season and are exclusively made for Halloween. The first year, Ms. Wallen made her own peep but now she prefers to sit on the sideline and give assistance and advice to the students. Peeps are typically made by 3d art students but this year 2d students also made some.

The scene that surrounds the peeps features a graveyard and haunted houses with a black backdrop. The scene has lots of props including, grass, pumpkins, tombstones and trees. Some of the peeps featured include a pirate with a parrot and a treasure chest, another cheerleader with pom-poms and a college graduate with a diploma and a graduation cap. Beside the peeps, graves with tombstones reading “RIP” and, “Here lays Butch. We planted him raw. He was quick on the trigger but slow on the draw”.

Once the peeps are displayed in the library, students will go to the library and vote on their favorite peep and the winner will receive a prize.