Halloween Shenanigans

Halloween this year is on a Thursday which conflicts with school the following day.  However, many students and teachers are still planning on packing their night with fun.

Ms. Mowatt, the new assistant principal, says her favorite things to do on Halloween are to give out candy to the kids that come by. She says, “When my son was younger we used to do the trick or treat thing and carve pumpkins but now I give out a mixture of candy that I like, like M&M’s and Twix.”

Osceola guidance counselor, Mrs. McDaniel also likes to give out candy. “I like to stay at home with my husband and keep the dogs from eating the little kids” she joked.

Ms. Alvarez, Chemistry teacher, likes to “make a spooky porch” as well as attend her neighborhood’s Halloween party. Ms. Alvarez has an academic team competition on Halloween so that will take up the majority of her night. Ms. Alvarez gives out “bite size candy with crayons and pencils.”

Many students however have opted to dress up or go to a theme park. Emma Grantges, 10th grade, says she likes to dress up. “I go all out. “ Last year I was Wonder Woman and I had a cape, makeup, and a tiara.” Hannah Harper, 9th grade, stopped going trick or treating in 5th grade but is going to take her siblings, 4 and 12 years old on the treat trek.