Students shop for sales

With the Thanksgiving holiday over, many students rushed in to grab the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This year, some select stores and malls were open Thanksgiving Day and even more stores open Thanksgiving evening. The buzz of sales continued Monday with Cyber Monday.  Janice Estrada, 10th grade, said, “I went on Thanksgiving evening to Tyrone Mall.” Estrada says the first store she went into went gave away a free $25 gift card.

Anthony Pongetti said he “went to Countryside Mall to go people watching” and that there was “all kinds of craziness.  It was fun.” His favorite part of going was “getting to see two old ladies fighting over cosmetics.” He himself said he would like to have bought something but “everything was still expensive.” Pongetti said that he would like to have bought a trumpet which was normally $2000  but “the price wasn’t really different. I was willing to pay $1500.”

Hannah Harper, 10th grade, said that she went to Ohio and also went people watching and she didn’t buy anything because she left her wallet in Florida. She says “I stayed at the mall for about 2 hours and it was very crowded.”