Death by Social Media’s disease

According to Time’s business website, “Social media is like a disease that spreads, and then dies.”  Students at Princeton University research social media by comparing it to a model of a disease. From the study, it’s estimated that around 2015- 2017 Facebook will lose 80%of its users.

Hannah Miller, 10th grade, said she doesn’t use Facebook. Facebook has “too much drama and I don’t care about other people’s lives.” Instead of Facebook, Hannah uses “Tumblr and Twitter”. She said she uses “Snapchat the most, but probably Tumblr.” Another 10th grader, Janice Estrada said that she “doesn’t really” use Facebook because “I’m busy with band, color guard, studying and doing my homework. I use Snapchat the most.”

Nylah Koenig,12th grade,  uses and loves Facebook. “I go on Facebook every other hour,” she joked. However she said, “I go on YouTube more than Facebook though.” She’s limited to the social networking sites she’s on because she has a “basic phone.”

The study also showed that most teenagers are influenced by the social media that their friends are on. Hannah said that some of her friends go on Facebook to “just check their news feed,” but she doesn’t get it. Nylah also said her friends do Facebook too.

The study by Princeton received backfire from Facebook and decided recently to fight back. Much like Princeton’s “robust scientific analysis”, Facebook came up with a parody to make fun of the research, saying that Princeton will lose half of its student’s population by approximately 2018 and then by 2021, the school won’t have any students at all.