Students hopeful about taking H.O.P.E.

All Pinellas County school students are required to take a HOPE class in order to graduate. Students have two options; either take the class online or take it in school. HOPE stands for Health Opportunities through Physical Education.

When students take HOPE online each segment is worth a half credit, one full credit is received when the student completes both segments. According to the FLVS website, students “experience the many benefits of physical activity, proper nutrition, and sound decision making.” Estimated completion time is around 32-36 weeks.

Casey Stephany, 9th grade, said that she is currently taking HOPE in school. When asked how she liked it she said she “doesn’t really like it because I feel like it’s a waste of time.” HOPE is supposed to be a mixture of Health and P.E. On Mondays and Thursdays, students do bookwork about Health. On Tuesdays and Fridays students do physical activities such as walking the track, jogging or running up the bleachers. On Wednesdays, students walk one mile around the track, circling it 4 times at least.

Elan Kestenis, 10th grade, Took HOPE online over the summer.  He said that he thought it was kind of pointless.“They make you do unnecessary work.” With HOPE online students are required to turn in workout logs and turn in assignments related to whichever section they are in. Parents are required to talk with the HOPE instructor to verify your physical aspect and to ensure your success in the class.

Sarah Files, 9th grade, is taking HOPE in school and says that the class is “okay.” She’s taking it freshman year to get the class out of the way but says that the class is “easy.”

Mrs. Rives, a Florida virtual school HOPE instructor, says that the advantage of taking HOPE online versus in school is that you can complete the class on your “own time.” Also you can work on the class when it’s “convenient for you.” In addition, in school some students have trouble. With taking HOPE online you are able to “start where you are physically.”