Owls on the prowl

“Today I will be happier than a bird with a French fry.”  -Toni Nelson

           On most weekdays in the courtyard, students experience good sunny weather, clear blue skies, and can hear the laughter and chatter of students along with a plethora of birds. But students aren’t the only beings that are hungry and eat during lunchtime. A student could get up to go and chat with a friend, and make the wrong decision, leaving their food unattended.  At this moment, more than likely, dozens of birds will swoop in and engulf a salty, crispy, warm French fry. The student would turn around and most, if not all of their lunch, will have disappeared.

At this moment, the student would most likely sport a sad, sullen expression while the birds are full of bliss.

Well, administrators have joined forces and have attempted to solve this problem.

Now two owls are perched directly above the vending machines.  One of the heads is animated and it moves in almost a full 360 degree turn.

Ms. Howard, one of the bright, smiley, courteous coffee cart operators says that she thinks that “they’re cute, but I don’t know if they’re scaring the birds away or not.”

Who set up these creepy, moving, omnipresent owls, you might ask? The culprit is Mr. Sprecher, Head Plant Operator, who says that he thinks that the owls work, “pretty well.” He also said that “all the credit goes to Mr. Robertson. Ms. Mowatt, who observed the lunches outside, said that, “The crows were coming down and trying to steal the kids’ fries so Mr. Robertson suggested the owls.”  Also, Mr. Robertson went out and purchased them out of his own pocket.

Deputy Shorter says that “it’s an effort to try to help; there are two birds and one of the heads moves by the wind.”