“He’s holding his own”

Directly after Spring Break, OsceolaHSnews gave a story, “Spring has sprung and students aren’t too spry” and the story talked about Ms. Wilma of the coffee cart’s grandson, Isaac.
Check out the story by clicking the link that is here.

An excerpt of the story:
Isaac is the second grandson that Ms. Wilma has welcomed into the world. Ms. Wilma had another grandson born, Cole. Isaac is very precious; he was born with half a heart. Ms. Wilma with her family have campaigned to spread the news, not just about Isaac, but for all babies and families that may be in the same position and to spread the word. To raise awareness, Ms. Wilma and her family have sold and worn shirts with the words, “Zip up for Isaac.” All funds from the t shirts go to the family in trying to pay for the medical bills for his care. Also, the family has started a website to raise awareness. Ms. Wilma has a total of 5 grandchildren, 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.

Currently, Zip up for Isaac’s Facebook page has 1,579 likes. The theme of the campaign is “Faith, love and a whole heart.” Ms. Wilma said that she believes that Isaac is “holding his own.”
If you would like to support the Zip up for Isaac campaign you can contribute by clicking the link Zip Up for Isaac Fundraiser – Online Fundraising | Booster and buying a t shirt. So far, 252 shirts have been sold and 2,690 dollars have been raised.