Students speed through homework


Photo of Diane, 10th grade

What’s your best technique for getting homework done quickly?

A high school student’s day doesn’t end when the bell rings. Most students have very hectic schedules and a lot of students go to after-school activities such as sports. There are also many clubs such as French club, art club, Chemistry club, and Drama club. Students have not only school sports, but club practices and games.

On top of all these hectic schedules, teens have homework. But the way they do homework can vary greatly. Enrique Hernaiz, 9th grade, said he follows a daily routine. “I do my homework a half hour after school.” Enrique also said that a quick way to his homework is to get one subject out of the way at a time, and to not get off-task.”

Anthony Antonio, 10th grade, said his way of getting homework done fast is to get rid of outside distractions such as TV, phone and computer. Others do it after dinner and some of their schedules are so hectic that they do it on their way to school.

Some Warriors have found that they can get their “home” work done even before they reach their house. Josh Bryan, 10th grade, does his homework “in the car on the way home”.

Many students wait until the very last minute to do the homework. Some students do it in the car on the way to school or on the way home from school. Some do it after dinner or right when they get home.