Students submit stories to Oracle


Drew Jackson

The editors of the Oracle talk to members after school.

The Oracle, Osceola’s award-winning literary magazine, is now accepting submissions.
Madison Murphy, one of the Orcacle editors, said it’s easy to submit.

What kind of drawings are you looking for? Any kind is good! We need a variety to go along with the stories.

What kind of stories are you looking for? Any kind of story; they can be controversial, but not too many swear words. Poetry is also accepted.

How often does the Oracle come out? Once – at the end of the year.
What topics can stories be on? Any topic.
Why do you enjoy being an editor? I like the responsibility of making something so amazing.
Why did you join the Oracle? I have always enjoyed writing, and I believed that this would expand my horizons.
How many students work on the Oracle staff? We could always take on more students. We need as much help as we can get.
Can you submit more than one story? Yes!

The Oracle is a literary magazine that is offered for purchase once at the end of the school year. The Oracle is now accepting articles, drawings on any subject, as well as poetry. To submit an article or drawing to the Oracle, give the work to an English teacher and tell him or her that it’s for the Oracle. Keep in mind the article the student submits may not accepted by the editors for various reasons.