Art sculptures swimming in the courtyard


Sam Generalli works on an octopus for the courtyard installment.

Soon artwork by Osceola students will swim into the courtyard by the auditorium. The theme for the installation is Marine Life. Mrs. Wallen’s 3D Studio Art students are now creating ceramic fish and other marine animals and will install them in the landscape of the courtyard. Mrs. Wallen said, “We will be starting our project on Tuesday the twenty first (of October), and they will take about 2 months to finish; then we will install them using copper pipe.”

Mrs. Wallen got the idea from an installation of fish made out of metal, but the ones they are making in class will be ceramic. Students working in cooperative groups start out by sketching their fish and making templates to use in cutting the clay. Each group will create 3 forms. Along with the fish there will be large Chihuly-type sea urchin forms placed on the ground.

So what do students think of placing the ceramic fish in the garden? Some students think this is a good idea, while others think there could be a problem.. Tatiana Johnson, 10th grade, said, “No, I do not think that’s a good idea; students will break them.”

Others think it will be smooth sailing. Mariana Pedraza-Acosta, 10th grade, said, “Yeah, I think students should show off their talent.”

Currently there is nothing in the courtyard except fallen leaves and picnic tables. Mrs. Wallen’s students will spend approximately two months on the construction of the fish, and they will be completed around the beginning of the second semester.