Tech gifts for teens

It’s that time of year again to head to the store to buy gifts for everyone on your list. It is part of the American culture to buy technology that is current and up to date. The technology companies including Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Sony have come up with a new wave of electronic devices. Everyone wants to update their old game systems, phone, tablets, computers, streaming devices, TVs and other electronic devices, especially teens. So what does a teenager want for Christmas?

Matt, 12th grade, said “For Christmas I would like the new iPad Air 2 because it has a bigger screen than the original iPad, and it has a lot more storage space.” He also said, “I will be giving my friend an Xbox One.  If I could have any technology in the world I would choice the Xbox One.”

Adam, 9th grade, said, “The gift I want the most is the game new Destiny DLC, I want this game because I love the original game so much I cannot wait to get the new one.” He also said,“I am going to give the new Beats to my friend. If I could get any new technology it would be the new WiiU.”

Renee Bulger, 11th grade, had games in mind as well. “I want the new Alienware desktop computer; I want this because I can use it for gaming and many other things.” She also said, “I am going to give a WiiU, and if I could get any gift I wanted, I would get a 55 inch Visio TV.”

One sophomore said photography is her idea of a great gift idea.  Faith L, 10th grade, said, “I want the new Polaroid camera, because you can print out pictures”. She also said “I am going to get the new iPhone 6 for my mom for Christmas. If I could get any gift I wanted, I would get a Smart Board.”