Spring break sends happiness to Warriors

Students are eagerly anticipating spring break which is next week. Whether Warriors go to the beach,  see a movie or just watch T.V., they will definitely enjoy every minute of their time off. Jenna Van de Mar, 11th grade, said, “I will be going camping in North Carolina.”

Other Warriors also have plans to travel such as Abimael Jimenez, 11th grade, who said, “I am excited to be going to New York City over spring break.”

Some students plan to just relax. Adam Sziembarsk, 9th grade, said, “I will just be relaxing and playing Battle Field 4 for the entire week.”

David Hernandez Perez, 10th grade, said, “I plan on watching Netflix 24/7 all week long.” Some teens will spend time in Florida’s sun. Nicole Fisher, 11th grade, said, “During spring break I’m going to the beach.”

Other Warriors plan on doing some out of country travel. Preya Persaud, 11th grade, said, “for spring break, I am going on a cruise.”

Some students plan on meeting celebrities. Emily Drake, 11th grade, said “During spring break I want to meet Lil Wayne.” But some teens just plan on being with the people they enjoy. Ryan Kosior, 12th grade, said, “I plan on hanging out with my friends during spring break.”

Drew Askins, 9th grade, said, “Over spring break I am going to hang out with some friends; I plan on going to the beach, and it is Holy Week so I will be going to church on Thursday and Friday night.” Bhumi Patel, 10th grade, said, “Over spring break I am going to Detroit, Georgia, and the Rocky Mountains. Also I will be going to Orlando for Universal.”

A.J. Rivera, 10th grade, said, “I will be going to the beach with my friends.” Mikayla Lewis, 9th grade, said, “I am sleeping and going to Daytona or Orlando for three days.”