New AP said his door is open any time


Kaylie Murphy

Cameras surrounding new Assistant Principal Mr. Robertson

Kelly Littler, Writer

Wondering, wondering, wondering. Peek in, not there. Go around the corner, empty. TV crew walks in, but still no assistant principal. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Chattering in the distance, look down the hall. There he is! Finally Mr. Robertson made it to his office! “Mr. Robertson! Mr. Robertson!” O-town TV’s crew and me, Kelly Littler, newspaper writer, all surround him asking for interviews. Mr. Robertson plumped down on his office chair ready for the questions to start rolling in.

Having gotten his bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida, then his master’s degree, and teaching for 21 years, Mr. Robertson loves it here at Osceola. Although it has been hard adjusting to the fundamental program, he feels like he is part of the Osceola family. Their “attitude towards learning” made his first week here exciting.

Mr. Robertson’s plans for the future of Osceola include improving the school in any way he can. “Education is a dynamic field,” he said.  So he said he plans to keep an open door policy for all of the students and teachers. He said he will “do all I can to help students and teachers.” So far he thinks OHS students are “terrific” and has had no problems with the students.