Learning to program


Josh Wittmann

Matt Cortez of the programming club

Kelly Littler, Writer

Would you be willing to take time out of your day to teach others a new skill? Well, after filling out some papers, Matt Cortez, 11th grade, took some time out of his day to teach other students how to program. This is the first year for the programming club at Osceola and there is no other club or class in the school like it.

Scripting, coding, and debugging are all a part of programming. The club goes more in depth on these things that other classes at Osceola that do not even try to come close to the material they cover in the club. According to Cortez, the club is to “improve the skills” of the students about programming. Once learned how to program up to par, there are many competitions to enter in. So far the club has not yet entered any, but is planning to enter an online competition that takes place on December 13th. Not all of the details are clear about the competition yet.

Cortez’s club is always looking for new people to join and he says it helps with college scholarships. The club takes place on Monday and every other Wednesday, plus competition days.  Programming club broadens the horizons of students looking to enhance their computer skills.

If you are looking for other clubs to join there are several places where you can find out what you would be most interested in. You can go to guidance for the brochure on clubs or the Osceola website to find out more.