Spotting Santa


Josh Wittmann

Will you take a picture with Santa?

Kelly Littler, Staff Writer

Look there! What was that? Was that… no, it can’t be! A red and white robe, a little husky belly, pink checks, and a welcoming smile from ear to ear. It must be Santa Claus! And what is he doing walking around the lunch room?

But is there really a Santa Claus? Ryan Worman, 12th grade, said, “Yes, because it would ruin my childhood not to (believe).” But Sabrina Bluett, 10th grade, said, “No, My brothers and sisters ruined it for me.” Some people need something to believe in for the holidays like Bryant Nguyen, 12th grade, who said, “Yes, because you have to believe in something for Christmas.”

For the past two days, you might have seen this gentle giant spreading joy across the cafeteria. In the corner by the door, wrapping paper was put up on the wall where you see Santa taking students over to take a picture. His elves then take a dollar from the students and take a picture of them. Brandon Davis, 12th grade, said he does believe in Santa, and he said, “He always leaves me an autograph and a picture of him.”

So what is Santa doing at Osceola?  Shouldn’t he be busy with the holidays coming up? Well, today at lunch will be the last day you can take a photo with him for just one dollar. It is never too late to start believing.