Graduation goes silent


Kelly Littler, Writer

At last year’s graduation, the band, the chorus, and the Ukulele Club all played for the crowd. This year the lineup is questionable. Any final decisions are still up in the air about who will be playing at this year’s graduation.

The Ukulele Club played “Stand by Me” by the Beatles at graduation last year. “We were the best!” said Mr. Righter, club advisor. Although none of the plans are set, the chance that the club will play is slim. “We weren’t invited,” said Mr. Righter, “Ukulele players are disappointed.”

The plans for chorus are also not made. Ms. Dean said “I have no idea.” If she did have the opportunity to play at graduation, she would prepare her class to sing the national anthem. “I would love for my chorus to sing at graduation,” said Ms. Dean.

This year’s graduation’s program has not been decided on. Mrs. Ouellet is trying to get a committee of the school’s staff to discuss the graduation and other topics. “We will go over the program,” said Mrs. Ouellet. She is shooting for the meeting to take place on April 23rd.