Warriors confused about spirit week


Example of seniors from the past celebrating generation day.

Spirit week is just a week away. Spirit days include Neon Day, Super Hero/Character Day, Class day, Generation Day and College Day.  According to the poll on the OsceolaHSnews.com website, the day most students are excited about is Character Day.  Jessica Powers, 11th grade, participated in Spirit Week last year but isn’t sure what day she is going to dress up for or if she’s going to at all. “What are the spirit days again?” she said. Crissy Tavake, 11th grade, says that she may participate this year but she’s hoping that one of the days is changed to flock day.

Spirit week builds up excitement for homecoming .The homecoming game is set for October 11th and the homecoming dance, the following day on October 12th. Spirit week runs from October 7th to October 11th. Last year, Generation Day seemed to be the most popular with many seniors participating. Each grade level dressed as their “generation”, freshmen were babies, sophomores were kids, juniors were adults and seniors were senior citizens.

Class day was also popular last year. On class day, students wear their homecoming t shirts and their grade level school colors. Freshman wear white, sophomores, orange, juniors blue and seniors wear black.

Finally, neon day is when students deck out in their neon colors from head to toe. Last year, some students even went so as far to dye their hair and beard neon colors.

A complete list of the poll is on the homepage of this website.