Blood Drive pinches into Osceola school day

The big blue blood bus stopped by Osceola on Friday for the 2nd time this year. This time around, more people were expected to give blood. “Last time, we had under 100 people donate,” said Mr. Chittum, who is in charge of contacting Florida Blood Services. “Donations are collected every period except 1st and 7th period,” said Chittum.

With more students turning 16 years old, the minimum age to donate blood, there is opportunity to have more OHS students donate. “The goal this time is to have 90 students donate blood,” said Chittum.

With the amount of blood being donated by students, it’s no wonder that the blood buses come 4 times a year. “We actually donate more blood than the general public. When a blood bus pulls in front of a Publix, they might get 20 people all day. When they pull in front of Osceola, they get about 90 people and work a shorter business day,” said Chittum.

Donating blood is not just missing class for some Osceola students. One junior said “I donated last year, and I know it’s important, so I donated again this year.” Amanda Matyk (pictured), 12th grade, said “I donated because I wanted to help people.”

After the bus is done collecting for the day, the donations are then put through a series of tests, according to Chittum. “The blood donations supply hospitals and there are also military blood donations, which is a huge deal,” said Chittum.

The next blood drives will be in the spring, but not during EOCs.