Teachers may soon pack heat


Guns are now at the center of controversy…once again. From the Sandy Hook school shooting, the Colorado movie shooting and the more recent Fort Hood incident.

Wednesday, April 2nd, the Florida House approved a bill that would allow guns in schools. According to the Associated Press, “One side believes armed officials are better equipped to handle an emergency situation. The other side argues that more guns in schools only increase the odds of something happening.”

The bill passed the Florida house with a vote of 8-4 and is advancing to the Senate. The law would allow school faculty who are previous or present military officers that have authorized training to bring a gun on school grounds. The staff that meets the credentials would then have to complete 40 hours of school-safety training and eight hours of active-shooting training every year.

While some agree with the move as a measure to keep children safe, the Florida School Board Association (FSBA) and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) are pitted against the bill. The FSBA’s website declares that the plan “would undermine the credibility of teachers and administrators as role models in the eyes of students.”