Aspiring teachers assume leadership


Jess Zsiga

Ms. Powers is the sponsor of the FFEA.

Future Florida Educators of America, commonly known as FFEA, is back for the 2014-2015 school year. The FFEA has a storied and award-winning past; according to the Osceola website, the FFEA then-president at Osceola was elected state FFEA vice-president in 2010, and the then-president-elect was chosen for state FFEA secretary in 2011. This year, according to Ms. Powers, the FFEA plans to go to the annual state FFEA conference, get involved in the Adopt-A-Teacher program, distribute books to children in abuse shelters, and hold a bulletin board contest. (In the words of Ms. Powers, “I’m tired of having the same bulletin board for five years.”).

Ms. Powers said that she’s expecting another great year, saying, “We have quite a few new people that seem very excited to be in the club.”

Saba Torabi, 12th grade, said she’s in the club because “My friend is in it. She led me into it.” Torabi soon found she enjoyed the club, and rose to become FFEA president at OHS. Her favorite thing about FFEA is “the group we have.” Saba also loved “all the good we do,” giving the example of volunteering at a women’s shelter, and reading to the children there.

Future Florida Educators of America meets on the first three Thursdays of every month, in Ms. Powers’s room. If you have any questions, see Ms. Powers in Room 226.