Weighted GPA will win Warriors more kudos

New changes from Pinellas County Schools means Principal’s List, Honor Roll and other academic rewards may soon handed out more often. According to the Tampa Tribune, students’ weighted grade point averages will count toward Honor Roll and Principal’s List for Pinellas county students starting next school year. This change is part of the Pinellas County School Board’s “Student Progression Plan.” The Tampa Tribune quoted school board member Rene Flowers as saying, “I’ve been very big on making sure students qualified for the honor roll or dean’s list if they’re taking harder classes.”
Some students have reacted positively to the change. Jorge Diaz, 9th grade, approved of the changes, saying, “I think it should happen.”

Abby Quinones, 11th grade, said succinctly, “I agree with them.” However, other students have not been so enthusiastic.

Ethan Eckhardt, 10th grade, believes that allowing students to get on Honor Roll and Principal’s List through GPA will not have a major impact on the number of students receiving these honors, stating that those who have a high enough GPA to achieve Honor Roll and Principal’s List already have the necessary number of ‘A’s and ‘B’s to achieve these honors anyway. As for Mr. McDonald, who teaches AP Human Geography and World History Honors, he opined “We’ve needed this for some time,” further elaborating, “I think AP students work harder and Honors students work harder, and they should be credited appropriately.”