Low turnout troubles Teach-in


Sergeant Fitzgerald Mason gives a presentation to Ms. Iovino’s class during a previous year’s Great American Teach-in

On November 19, the vision of Osceola being overrun by a horde of professionals ranging from clown college graduates to underwater archeologists may be revealed to be more fantasy than reality. The Great American Teach-in is off to a slow start, with the amount of registrants coming in a trickle. During the Teach-in, participants are invited to come to school, stay for anytime from one period to the whole day, and give a fun presentation on their job and the different roles of that job. According to Ms. Giovo, who coordinates the Teach-in here at OHS, around 45 people spoke at the Great American Teach-in last year, giving a total of 139 presentations. On the subject of the number of participants in this year’s Teach-in, Ms. Giovo remarked that “it’s slow coming so far,” but said she’s expecting around 33 speakers to come, with more hopefully signing up sometime before the Teach-in. Ms. Giovo was disappointed with the turnout, saying that there needs to be more participation from teachers. Ms. Giovo also stated that the Teach-In is an excellent occasion for students, saying “It’s a great opportunity for students to learn about different careers,” and that the Teach-in “can be very educational.” Despite the Teach-in being less than a month away, only one teacher, Ms. Iovino, has been confirmed to have a speaker; 10 News investigative reporter Mike Deeson will speak to Iovino’s Journalism classes. Ms. Eubanks, who teaches English III Honors and SAT Prep, is one of the many teachers not participating in the Teach-in, explaining that she is not participating for two reasons: first, she said “it seems to take a lot to sign people up,” with Eubanks citing the large amount of paperwork and forms required to have a speaker; Eubanks’s second reason is that with the many testing days her classes had to set aside, she needs the Teach-in day for instruction. Volunteers who want to get involved with the Great American Teach-in should contact Ms. Giovo by November 14.