Pinellas pilot program takes off

Eventually Osceola students may be able to pick their learning plan. According to the Tampa Bay Times next year 5 schools in the Pinellas school district, as well as many school districts throughout the nation involved in the student schedule pilot program. This pilot program will involve students at several high schools including Clearwater, Northeast, Seminole, Career Academies of Seminole, and Pinellas Park to provide technology that includes personal devices to these students. Students will be able to choose their own schedules as well as work at their own pace. Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation are contributing 10 million dollars to many school districts throughout the nation. If the program flourishes, then the Pinellas County school district would like all high schools in the district to have the program by 2030. When asked what she thought of this pilot program Emma, 10th grade, said “It sounds cool; I don’t use technology a lot, I’d rather use a pen and paper. But I know other kids would like it.”

Each student would be able to decide whether they would like online schedules, hands-on or in a classroom. Another student, Isabella Riha, 10th grade, said “It would be cool to choose your own schedule, but I would mess it up. It would be a change situation, you could choose what you want to but if something goes wrong, could you fix it?” Students would be able to work in groups if they needed help.

Michael Roberts 10th grade, said, “ I think it’s a good idea since they work on their own pace and when we can do it. In the morning you’re tired so you could put your easy class first and your harder class in the afternoon when you’re more awake.”