Warriors wear it… proudly


Jess Zsiga

One of the "better dressed" Ugly Sweater Day participants gets into the holiday spirit.

Osceola’s ugly sweater day was a big hit. The Leadership Class event was held Friday, December 12th.  Students, teachers and staff members wore all different kinds of sweaters in different shapes and sizes. Luckily, the day was chilly and warm clothing was appropriate.

One sweater spotted in the hall sported a stocking and a string of lights.  Another had ornaments hanging from it. Jenna Tuthill, 12th grade, said that she “is wearing her ugly sweater to get in the Christmas spirit.”  She also said she loves dressing up and wearing her ugly sweater.

Students got their sweaters in a variety of ways. Kirsten Smith, 10th grade, said that she purchased hers from JCPenney.   Other students like Caitlyn McAleenan, 10th grade, said that she made her ugly sweater.” One Warrior was notable for his attire… Aiden Anderson, 10th grade, who said, “I dressed up to be in the holiday spirit, and because I am the best dressed.”

Aiden also said, “I am dressed up like a European version of Santa Claus.”

Sam Bredfield, 10th grade, said “ I am going to do this next year because it’s a tradition.”  Sam also said, “I got my ugly sweater from Matthew May.”  Scott , 11th grade, said, “ Ugly sweater day is a Christmas tradition; you have to participate and it’s fun to see all the different kinds of ugly sweaters people wear.”