Tech crew tweaks “The Sound of Music”


Rehearsals start this week for The Sound of Music. But it’s not just the actors on stage. The tech crew behind the scenes is also important. Osceola’s tech department is getting the stage ready. But it’s no easy task.  According to several Warriors, production of The Sound of Music is significantly larger and more complicated than the school’s production of Done to Death. The cast and crew are much larger than that of the cast and crew of last fall’s popular play. According to Elizabeth Cahill, 12th grade,  “One of the major changes between the plays is that in The Sound of Music they will be using 30 microphones compared to the 14 they used for Done to Death.”

There are still many things to do regarding the tech aspect of the play. According to Kendall Yeates, 12th grade, the tech department “has to make eight different sets for the play.”

Another senior tech crew member said, “One of the hardest things to do is rig the sets and archways to fly in.” Kendall said “The cast and crew have to try very hard to do their best because The Sound of Music is so well known.” “Also because the play is so well known, people will expect what the sets and scenes are supposed to look like,” she also said.

Maggie Egan, 9th grade, said, “since the play is so well known, the actors have to get their lines right because so many people know this play.” Along with the thirty microphones they will also be using two soundboards instead of one.

The Sound of Music will take the stage in April.