Leadership collects cans for charity

A canned food drive is off to a great start thanks to contributions from culinary. Ms. Swann said, “My box has not received any donations, but the culinary department is donating all the dry and canned goods that culinary is not planning on using.”

Students in the leadership class are collecting canned food from now until March 27th, the food will then be delivered to the Salvation Army. Each classroom should now have a collection box. Teachers will collect cans during their first period class unless they have planning first period.  If that’s the case, then they will collect during second period. The leadership class will be picking up the cans on Wednesdays during fifth period. The class that collects the most cans will receive a Chick-fil-A breakfast platter.

Students in leadership say they started this activity to help people who are down on their luck.  Colleen Paquette, 12th grade, said, “Leadership collects cans to give to people who cannot afford to buy or get food for themselves.” 

Some students say they’re planning to help too.  Christian Harrington, 12th grade, said, “No, I haven’t donated anything yet, but I will be donating canned clam chowder, because I like helping people I am better off than.  I think the canned food drive will be a huge success.”

Nathan Pile, 10th grade, said, “No, I haven’t donated, but I feel it is important to donate to help the less fortunate.”

Georgia Gee, 9th grade, said, “Yes, I have donated because I like to help those who cannot help themselves.”

For some students, the effort to help others is more than just a single task. Antony Antonino, 10th grade, said, “Donating to canned food drives is important because there are lots of people who need help. Hunger is a serious problem even in the United States, so sometimes I donate my time to volunteer at homeless shelters and places that distribute food to those in need.”