Yearbooks arrive with a special surprise

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Yearbooks are finally here on campus and students will receive them starting this week. This year, students will have an interesting surprise with the cover. When you put your hand on the front, it’ll leave a print with hidden pictures. Seniors can pick them up Wednesday, juniors will get them Thursday, and sophomores and freshmen will get them on Friday. Students can pick up the yearbooks in Mrs. Iovino’s classroom, room 166 at lunch.

In order to pick up, students must bring their student ID. There will be a few leftover yearbooks set aside for seniors who did not make the deadline for payments, but there is no guarantee there will be lots left over.

“We put in so much work.” said Ciara Galluccio, staff member, 12th grade. “We had to get interviews, pictures, get a lot of quotes and create all the pages while putting a lot of thought into our work.”

Students are thrilled about receiving their yearbooks, Ali, 9th grade, said, “I’m looking forward to seeing homecoming pictures and the pictures from color guard.” Jared Ramos, 10th grade, said, “I’m looking forward to funny pictures and ever- lasting memories.”

“We have them to remember the greatest times of our lives and the times we shared with our friends,” Ciara said.

“I’m looking forward to being able to look back on my freshman year sometime down the road when I am older,” Nora Brosan, 9th grade, said.

With these yearbooks, students are able to look back at all the fun times and memories they shared with their peers. “I can look back at pictures of people and laugh at them and enjoy my school year,” said Andrew Inskeep, 11th grade. “Thirty years from now I can look back and enjoy my time here.”

“I enjoy it because I like looking back at the year and seeing how we all changed,” said Katie Peterson, 10th grade. “It’ll be a nice remembrance for when I’m older and want to look back at all the fun I had for my sophomore year.”