Prep rally has positive “beat”


Jess Zsiga

Studnets excited for prep rally.

Last week, students and teachers gathered to cheer on fellow students.  But this time, it wasn’t your traditional pep rally.  The so-called “Prep Rally” started off its second annual appearance with a popular beat.  Matt Wycoff, 9th grade said, “I think that the prep rally was very exciting, The beginning with the drummers were a great way to start out the prep rally, and it was cool seeing people get awards.”

Another student also liked the dramatic start to the rally.  Katerina Koulouvaris, 9th grade, said, “ I think the prep rally was exciting and fun, the opening was exciting and the drummers did a great job.  Also it was nice to see people who deserve it get awarded.”

So what’s the reason for the Prep Rally?  Mrs. Herzhauser said,  “The Prep Rally is the annual recognition of academic success here at Osceola. It is a ceremony identifying students for exceptional performance as scholars. The school literacy team has sponsored and organized this event with the sponsors of various academic groups, honor societies, and fine arts teachers. The number of students is difficult to say since we recognize all honor society members and 3.0 club members.”
The second annual Prep Rally was held during 7th period in two sessions Tuesday. Emcee Mr. Stewart said, “The purpose of The Prep Rally is to recognize those students who do not normally get to be recognized.”

There were two different ways that students were acknowledged.  They either stood up where they sat or they walked up on to the stage.

Despite the exciting musical opening act, some students were not entertained.  Austin, 10th grade, said, “The prep rally was really boring.” Alyssa Cunningham, 10th grade, said, “The drumming crew was really cool, and I am glad for those who received awards, but it was kind of really boring.”

Other Warriors liked the idea of a prep rally. Josh Bryan, 10th grade, said, “ I thought it was a great gesture to those who were awarded.”