Science society starts soon

With the beginning of the school year underway, there are many clubs and honor societies for students beginning to form.

One of the honor societies is the Science National Honor Society. If you are interested in joining, go to the school website and fill out an application. Submit it to Mr. Thomas in room 198 by Friday, September 18th.

To be a member, you must be in 11th or 12th grade and have at least a 3.0 GPA for the year. You have to have to be enrolled in a science class and maintain a B average in that science class. You must not have any disciplinary referrals in the past year. Austin D., 11th grade, said, “In order to be in the honor society you have to be very smart and very dedicated.”
According to the application, the objectives of the Science National Honor Society include “advancing the students’ knowledge of classical and modern science, aiding the community with its comprehension of science to encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought.”

Isaiah Guilmino, 11th grade, said, “I think the Science National Honor Society is very honorable and teaches a lot about science.”
All members are required to attend all chapter meetings along with attending at least one lecture per semester. Members are required to complete their 15 points by either tutoring in the guidance lobby or attending the SNHS recycling program. All members are required to either complete four sessions of recycling or four sessions of tutoring. Dues will be $15 for new members and $10 for returning members.