Teachers decorate doors to inspire students


In the hallways of Osceola, some of the classroom doors are decorated with a variety of different colleges throughout the United States. For example, Mrs. Wallen’s door has the University of South Florida’s mascot, with yellow and gold construction paper, outlined with gold glitter.

The college door decor was an idea from Mrs. Stone to bring awareness of various universities to the student body. Although displayed to the whole school, the audience is mostly targeted to juniors and seniors.
Mrs. Hlavacka’s door (231) is adorned with black construction paper with yellow letters spelling out “University of Wisconsin” and under that, “Oshkosh”.

Hlavacka said, “The doors promote college culture at school and to get students asking teachers about their college experience.” Mrs. Hlavacka’s college experience “was wonderful. It was fun. You meet a lot of people and find out about what you want to do for life.”
Mrs. Richey’s (259) college décor is also a logo for the University of South Florida. The math teacher’s students have not asked her about the logo on the door. “I always leave my door open throughout the day, so students can’t really see my decoration. I wanted to decorate on the back of my door, but it’s filled with my pi charts.”
Some college applications, such as University of Florida’s, are due November 1st. Mrs. Stone’s portable windows display the University of Florida’s college application due date as well as GPA requirements.

Mr. Robinson’s door sports a flag with a kangaroo.  “That’s probably my favorite door,” Mrs. Richey added.