Honor societies induct newcomers

When Trevor Rau, 12th grade, was tapped for the National Science Honor Society, to say he was excited was a bit of an understatement. “Science has always been a passion of mine,” said Rau.

When members of NSHS came to his class to announce his acceptance into their community, Rau was thrilled. “I was overwhelmed with joy because I was able to join other people who were interested in science like me.”
Over the course of the last three weeks, various honor societies have gone around “tapping” students who have applied to join their ranks. There are a number of honor societies at OFHS that specialize in specific subject areas, with everything from math to art to drama. This week, Rho Kappa, the history honor society, as well as National Science Honor Society, will be heading around the school to celebrate juniors and seniors who have been accepted as new members.
Mr. Righter, who is the faculty sponsor of Rho Kappa, is eager to see what this year has in store for his honor society. According to Righter, Rho Kappa is involved in tutoring programs and also does community service projects like beach cleanups. Mr. Righter sees a lot of value to students joining honor societies.
“I think it’s important for their [students] transcripts to colleges to be a part of as many honor societies as they can,” said Righter.
Mr. Thomas, the staff sponsor of National Science Honor Society, is also excited for the new year ahead. “We run a recycling program, we do science tutoring, and we’re working on some projects with others in the school to hopefully develop some outdoor environmental curriculum space,” said Thomas. “We’re moving towards more of a community-oriented project.” This will be Mr. Thomas’ first full year heading up the National Science Honor Society.