Sophomores anticipate parking on campus


Sophomores may soon be able to park at OFHS, if plans to create more spots are approved.

Right now, here is a junior and senior parking lot, but no room for sophomores’ cars. Back in 2013, sophomores were allowed to park in the same parking lot as the juniors and seniors until there became too many juniors and seniors and there wasn’t any room left for sophomores.

While the parking lot is still in the planning stages, it is enough to get sophomores excited.  Austin Duval, 10th grade, said, “I can’t wait because I’ll be able to drive soon. Also, the student drop off will be a lot less crowded without a lot of sophomores being dropped off.”

Michael Potts, 11th grade, said, “I think the idea of a sophomore parking lot is a good idea. It would mean more money toward the school and sophomores could park, which would mean there would be a lot less traffic in the parent pickup line.”

One senior agreed.  Jon Maldononado, 12th grade, said, “I don’t mind either way because it will not be affecting me because I will not be here next year. It will help because more kids can drive to school that way.”

“Again, this is still in the planning stages and the date of the beginning and end of the project has not been determined,” said Mr. Robertson.  There is no waiting list at this time, according to administrators.

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