Paris attacks spark concerns


Jess Zsiga

This reporter interviews Deputy Shorter November 19th.

As of last Friday, the world has been reeling from a series of deadly terrorist attacks on Paris, France. According to CNN, a group of individuals, some suicide bombers and others shooters, stormed seven different sites in the city and ended up killing more than 100 people. The terrorists targeted a concert hall known as the Bataclan, as well as some restaurants, a bar, and the renowned Stade de France arena. ISIS has taken responsibility for these devastating attacks, and Paris has been performing military strikes on ISIS-heavy areas in Syria.
The events in Paris have affected people all over the globe, including people in the Bay area. An article from the Tampa Bay Times revealed that a threat was made against a mosque in St. Pete. With such incidents raising concerns all over the county, Deputy Shorter, the SRO at Osceola, has been working to continue to ensure the security of students and staff at Osceola.
According to Shorter, what law enforcement does in times like these is they refer back to the terrorist acts of 9/11. “With any threat, whether it’s overseas or in this country, there will be a heightened level of awareness.” Shorter stated that the school has received some calls from worried parents, but that he plans to still keep students and staff safe by remaining vigilant. “We pay attention to what’s happening off campus and what’s happening on campus.”

The following is from a phone call made to parents last night by Assistant Principal Mr. Robertson:

  • Last week your students were given a photo identification badge and a lanyard. It is important that your student wear this badge every day at school.It helps the staff to instantaneously identify who is on our campus and maintain a safe educational environment.If your student did not have their picture taken on picture day, they’ll have an opportunity within the next two weeks to obtain this ID badge and lanyard for free in the media center.