Students labeled with lanyards and IDs


Carson Demberger & Gia

Due to new security procedures at the front office, students will now be required to wear their school-issued IDs during school hours. According to school administration, starting December 7th, all students will be required to have their student IDs visible on them at all times. IDs can be worn either on your lanyard around your neck, or can be pinned to your shirt so it is easily be seen.
This new policy is due to changes in the front office. Due to the installation of glass doors inside front office, the front office will lock the inside doors, and the front office will have to unlock the doors in order for anyone to enter the school; the ID policy will make it easier for office staff, as then students merely have to show their IDs in order to enter the school through the front office. If you have any questions about IDs, e-mail Mrs. Iovino at [email protected] If you never got your picture taken, you can get your ID for free. If you have lost your ID, you must pay $5.

According to Mrs. Mowatt on the morning announcements, students will receive detention if they do not comply.



By Carson Demberger  / Journalism 1

On November 10th, 2015, Osceola Fundamental High School announced a new procedure stating that all students must be wearing their student IDs. This causes quite a problem since some students do not have one. But Ms. Gerlach, front office clerk, said it’s necessary. “It adds another level to our school’s security and for the safety of our students and staff.” The lanyards are for when you come into the front office. Students show Ms. Gerlach their student ID and she buzzes them in. On November 10th, as many as six students came in the front office door between 8:00-8:30AM. For each student without an ID, Ms. Gerlach had to look on Focus and verify their identities. One student did not have a first period, Ms. Gerlach gave him a lanyard so he could wear his ID. He showed her his ID and he was buzzed in. Some students of the school are FURIOUS about the subject. Lynn, 9th grade, said, “I just keep my ID in my backpack; its’s kind of pointless to wear them.” Another student, Morgan, 9th grade, said, “They get in the way of trying to get my work done.” Dylan, 12th grade, also mentioned “Wearing the lanyards is not written in the student code of conduct, so I don’t see how it would be dress code or how any of us can get in trouble for it.” This also causes a problem for the students who never got their picture taken. They don’t have a picture, so they don’t have a student ID. Kai, 9th grade, never got his student ID because he never got his school picture taken. Since he didn’t have it, his first period teacher put the blame on him. Some students are even self-conscious about their IDs because they don’t like their school picture. Bella, 9th grade, said “I would feel better about wearing my student ID if my picture was better.” On the lanyards it shows your picture, the year, what grade you’re in, and your first and last name along with your student number.