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Talent show tickets available now

Romy Pelzel
The Chorus door, stuck to it is the flyer to audition for the talent show.

March 7th is a night many people who are in the talent show are looking forward to. The auditions for the talent show took place on Tuesday, February 13th. The talent show is sponsored by the Tri-M Music Honors Society. This is also the 5th annual talent show at Osceola. “The year of Covid there was not a show, but otherwise we have done one every year”, says Mr. Campbell. Mr. Campbell is the supervisor of the talent show this year, he says “I am looking forward to seeing all of the exciting performances year.” The tickets are $5.00 on, and the show starts at 7:00 p.m., in the auditorium at Osceola.

Talent shows are opportunities for students and faculty to showcase their unique talents. Talent shows can be seen as a way to help boost the self-esteem of many people. They can be able to help kickstart a career or make students feel more comfortable preforming in front of an audience. Freshman Alaya Vu says, “watching talent shows can help inspire me to be more creative.” Isabella Zuzek likes “to encourage those that are on the stage.” The support from peers and others watching in the audience can be a big confidence boost for performers. It is also entertaining for audiences, for example, another freshman said, “I love watching talent shows because I can watch all the unique and interesting talents!”

About a dozen acts or more will be showcased. This is school wide and there is so much talent we get to see from not only students but teachers as well, and yes, faculty may preform also.”

— Mr. Campbell

Mrs. Copello, a science teacher at Osceola, said, “I had a good experience last year preforming. For my talent, I sang ‘Halleluiah’. Overall, it was very fun, and I might preform again this year.” Mr. Campbell said, “Last year, I did the hippity hop rabbit magic trick, and this year I am thinking of doing more of a comedy magic trick.” Mr. Campbell also said, “There will be a drama group preforming.” Mr. Kontirck, a Spanish teacher, said, “Unfortunately I can’t perform this year because I am going to be busy the day of the talent show.” This is also with the case with some students, like freshman Gianna Rinaldi, who says “I would love to be in the show, but I am still recovering from an ACL surgery, so I can’t perform.” The talent show will give opportunities to students who may not usually perform on a stage.

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