Technology takeover


Jenna Van De Mar

These Kindles are starting to see use instead of books in some English classes at OHS.

Every couple of months it seems like there is a new phone, computer, or tablet. The technology world is rapidly evolving and so is the world. Today almost everyone has some type of device and many say they would be lost without it. With the world changing, it seems like one thing stays the same- school. The school system has been run the same way for countless years.

At Osceola High School, the computers are updated about every six or so years. Compared to the technology available, the school’s technology is out of date. Not every student has a computer accessible at school. Neither do the classrooms, for many departments one laptop cart is shared. Those who do not have access to the carts have to put in a request to use the computers in the media center. In today’s technological world, every student should have be allowed to use these devices.

Banks, businesses, doctors, and even shopping has gone online. Schools are the one of the only organizations that has not gone paperless. In order to keep up with the evolving society, schools should also go completely online. It would not only be easier but economical too. After making the investment to issue a tablet to every student, schools would no longer have to spend money on paper or ink. Teachers would not have to worry about going over their printing limit and students would not have the burden of having to print off class work online – which there are students who do not have access to computers or printers at home. Also the amount of paper waste coming out of the school would decrease.

There would be no need for backpacks or lockers. All the students would just have their tablet, which would have all their school work on it. Student’s grades would go up. The excuse of “I lost it” or “my dog ate my homework” would not be viable. Technology is a valuable asset that could really help students. Schools need to not be afraid of the new era and instead harness it to their own advantage.