Freshman survival guide


Jess Zsiga

Elizabeth Cheshire, 9th grade.


“What if I get lost? I can’t find the staircases…who will I sit with at lunch?” These were just a few of the questions running through freshman Elizabeth Cheshire’s mind as she navigated her first day at Osceola Fundamental High School. She was nervous and worried—and chances are she wasn’t the only one.
So, to all the freshmen, I say this: CALM DOWN! You can do the whole “high school” thing. It’s easier than it looks. For many freshmen, starting high school can be a terrifying time—they have to adjust to a new place, new people, and a new level of academic rigor. With all of these overwhelming factors at play, ninth graders can be feeling a lot of worry and confusion, and they may be wondering exactly how to survive the next four years—which sometimes can appear to be a seemingly impossible feat.
But fear not, freshies! Here are just a few tips to help you through your time at OFHS.
First of all, the best thing you can possibly do is plan ahead. It’s always helpful to have an idea of where you’re going or what you’re doing, whether you’re mentally mapping out a route to history class or figuring out which assignments you need to prioritize each night. If you have a structure to the way you do things, it’ll be a lot easier for you to get stuff done, no matter what task is at hand.
Secondly, let’s debunk some myths—Freshmen Fridays don’t exist, and there is no swimming pool on the third floor, no matter how many people tell you there is one. There’s no third floor, period. But keep the joke going as you continue on in your high school career. It’s always fun to tell for a laugh.

Also, school events can be fun, too. Our student body goes all out for Spirit Days, and loves showing Warrior Pride at sports games. Homecoming is also a popular time of year for all grade levels. OFHS also has a myriad of clubs available, from the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) to The Oracle literary magazine. For more details about all the clubs at Osceola, click here

Finally, here is a bell schedule to reference so that you lovely freshmen can always be on time to your classes.

Period 1 7:05 – 7:53 (48 min due to morning announcements)
Period 2 7:59 – 8:45
Period 3 8:51 – 9:37
Period 4 9:43 – 10:29
Period 5 1st Lunch Period 5
10:29 – 10:59 10:35 – 11:21
Period 5 2nd Lunch
11:05 – 11:51 11:21 – 11:51
Period 6 11:57 – 12:43

Period 7 12:49 – 1:35
And that’s a wrap! Hopefully these tips were helpful. Enjoy your first year of high school, freshmen—and best of luck to you in all of the adventures you have along the way.