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Speeding towards success

March 31, 2021


Bryce DeSmith

Crystal has a lot on her plate, as she balances tutoring, babysitting, and school.


        No matter what skin color, gender, religion,  or political standpoint, there is one thing that many people can agree on. It is that the last year, and surely the future, will be stressful. So much loss has grieved families around the globe. Hope is down and morale is low, and the feeling of graduating is getting closer, yet it feels like it’s flying away. But some students who have gone on to college say things will get better.

      Crystal Kholos (pictured) said, “I may not be able to have as much fun as you are supposed to in college, but it gives me plenty of time to study for classes and work my jobs before I got to class. It all kind of works out in the end.” Crystal, a tutor, is balancing a lot of things. She tutors for Osceola Middle School, babysits, and goes to college. She said that by planning out her time every single week, she can balance her time between work, school, and her relationships. And she isn’t the only one that organizes her time like this.

      Katelyn Conchiglia said, “I keep myself to a strict schedule, and I make a planner and goals for the week.It may seem crazy that so many people are succeeding in the pandemic because of a piece of paper that they wrote on telling them what to do. Procrastinating can be a harmful habit that is good to break, and a planner would be perfect for that. But it’s not always about planning.

     Sometimes people like Alyssa Lemiux don’t need to plan. “All of my classes are online, so I don’t have to worry about test anxiety or distractions,” Lemuix said. If planning is not a worry and you can just do things when you feel like it, that may be better than a planner. But because some students are brick and mortar, they need to focus on certain things at once. So, perhaps, not doing well with time management is a common occurrence. But to combat that, planners are a way to defeat the overwhelming days of school. 

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