Osceola Warriors confident in clash with Seminole

Take one game at a time. It’s a simple mindset, but it’s the mindset of the Warriors Varsity football team. Confidence is key for the Warriors, as they are preparing for the season opener against rival Seminole High School. No one knows more about needing confidence than the Warriors quarterback, Ryan Allan, who is a sophomore and is starting for the Warriors this season. “We believe we are going to win, because you have to be confident in your team,” says Allan. The Warriors will be the visiting team, but that does not change their preparation for the game. “We treat every game the same,” says Allan.

The varsity football players talked about what they are looking forward to, and which teams will be hardest to beat. Being a sophomore on the varsity football team has got to be intimidating, right? Wrong!  Allan says, “It’s not really intimidating; I can play like, and with, everyone else.” As far as the hardest team to beat this season, Allan says that the only challenges they’re facing will be Venice and Largo because they “are athletic and fast teams.” Tavaris Williams, 12th grade, defensive tackle, agrees. Williams says that he believes that out of all the games they will be faced with this season, The Packers (Largo) will be hard to beat. He says “they’re our only big concern.”

Osceola beat Seminole last year, but it will be tough to beat a rival two years in a row. The WarHawks are known to have had some crazy fans. Last year, during their homecoming football game, a student streaked across the field and evaded security.

One thing’s for sure; this year’s matchup will be a memorable one.