Girls’ JV Soccer gets going!


This field will soon be filled with eager soccer players

Girls’ JV Soccer is looking for new members.

From October 6th to the 8th, Coach Pile will hold tryouts for the team, concurrently with Girls’ Varsity Soccer, on the band practice field after school. Coach Pile said that in order to participate in the tryout, you must have a 2.0 GPA, and have completed a sports packet with parent permission forms, a physical, and a school health insurance plan.

Experience is not required, but Pile said “It is very competitive so the club and rec players are used to practicing and have developed a high degree of skill. However, we have in the past selected a few students who had raw natural talent with no previous playing experience.”

Pile said that after the 8th, Coach Popovich chooses 22 members for the Varsity team; Pile then continues tryouts for JV on the 9th, before he chooses 22 people for the JV team.

While tryouts are still a few weeks away, Mr. Pile is confident, saying that he predicts “we will have another strong year,” and that “We are fortunate to have so many talented players.” Pile stated that 70 to 80 people usually apply, but half the people who apply will not make the team. However, Coach Pile encouraged those who failed to make the team not to be discouraged, because the completed paperwork from Soccer allows the student to try out for any other sport during the rest of the year.

If you have any questions, see Coach Pile in Portable 13.