Osceola’s cross country team could be running into their last meet

Osceola’s cross country team could possibly have had its last regular season meet. However, depending on how they do in PCACs, runners could advance to states. PCAC is the “Pinellas County Athletic Conference”.

Kylee Brooks, one freshman on the cross country team, said, “I’m really excited to be running in a high school cross country meet.” Kylee also explains that it will be very challenging for the runners of Osceola. “ I’m willing to put my heart and soul into my last meet. We are definitely going to make it into PCAC, I just know it!” she said. She says that she definitely feels extremely accomplished about this season.

“If the varsity members make it into states they will be eligible to compete in these meets,” says one sophomore on the Osceola varsity cross country team. “I’m positive that we will make it!” he says.

PCAC is a huge competition taking place here in Pinellas County. There are more then 500 competitors and about 30 teams competing in this huge competition, so the stakes are high! Osceola has been doing remarkably well in these competitions in the past years. So the expectations are also high.

“We’ve been doing well all along, so were hoping that will continue”, says Coach Eagleson. PCACs is a very important competition, and a lot will be expected out of this group of athletes in these upcoming events. “Preparing for PCACs is very important, we have to keep everyone fresh, healthy and working hard.” explained Coach Eagleson.