Flag football goes forward

For girls interested in flag football, listen up! According to Mr. Ziesenheim, Osceola’s Girls Flag Football team will be holding tryouts on Monday, February 15th, from 2 to 4 PM on the main Osceola football field. All that is required to tryout is the Pinellas County Athletic Practice paperwork. All skill levels are accepted, and experience is not required, according to Mr. Ziesenheim. “We hope that the girls have some experience, but if they don’t, we will teach them everything they need.”
Mr. Ziesenheim expects around 50 girls to try out, which includes both JV and Varsity Flag Football. “I think we’ll have a good showing,” Mr. Ziesenheim said. “Girls are starting to become more aware about Flag Football.” Mr. Ziesenheim said 20 students are kept for the JV team, while 16 girls are on the Varsity team.
Asanti Poole, 12th grade, is one of the flag football players; she’s been on the team since freshman year and plans to return this year. Asanti said, “I’ve always liked football since I was a little kid, but I never got to play tackle.” When she found out Osceola had flag football, she “jumped at the opportunity.” Asanti explained, “I love Mr. Z, and I also love my teammates.” Asanti compared the team to “one big family,” and said that this strong team spirit caused the team to play better.
For more information on Flag Football, see Mr. Ziesenheim in Portable 12.